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Fire & Ice – Ralph Bakshi – 1983

In this animated tale, a tiny village is destroyed by a surging glacier, which serves as the deadly domain for the evil Ice Lord, Nekron. The only survivor is a young warrior, Larn, who vows to avenge this act of destruction. The evil continues, however, as Nekron’s palace of ice heads straight towards Fire Keep, the great fortress ruled by the good King Jarol. When Jarol’s beautiful daughter, Teegra, is abducted by Nekron’s sub-human ape-like creatures, Larn begins a daring search for her. What results is a tense battle between good and evil, surrounded by the mystical elements of the ancient past. The evil ice lord Nekron and his mother Juliana seek to conquer the known world, ravaging the land and all people in their way with their ice glacier as they approach Fire Keep, a volcanic kingdom and the last stronghold against them. Juliana’s sub-human ape men kidnap King Jarol’s daughter, the beautiful virgin Princess Teegra, prompting the young warrior Larn, last a tribe killed by Nekron and his forces, to go on a desperate quest for her. Larn’s only ally is the mysterious warrior Darkwolf.

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